The lovers, the dreamers, and me.

Thank God.

For Kate Nash. You really make everything all better!

Life is testing me.

Throwing all these obstacles in my way to see how I respond, I feel. To see if I can come out strong, to see if I know where my priorities lay, to see if I can still keep going even though there is SO much. It wants me to do something, it wants me to feel. It wants me to stand up and be a woman and do something. It is showing me that with all the joys and happiness in life there come darker things too. We can not be happy all the time, but we can make the best of situations sometimes.  It wants me to make a difference and not to sit back and let things go. Because once they pass me they will be lost forever. It also wants me to go out and explore the world. I has given me hope and at the same time a deep sadness.  It has taught me to appreciate things, to love and respect. It has taught me to admire, and appreciate. It has taught me to always smile in the darkest of times…to never lose hope, to only care about me but also to love the rest of the world soo much.  It has brought me tears of joy and sorrow.  Life wants me to take these challenges and conquer them, with friendship, love, knowledge. I love SOO much. I really do.

I Am

a strong believer in love.

Sweet songs

Working in the acoustic lab I come to realize that all around the world there are songs to sing and voices to be heard. From the deepest darkest depths of the world to colorful bustling cities.  Many are songs of joy, some are cries for help, and others are indecipherable.  I feel now it is my job to let these mysterious voices to be heard, to decipher and tell their story because theirs is one people take for granted and often ignored.  

moving away.

Today’s cathedrals are our business empires. People with money determine art.  we are now a culture determined by our wealth.

People in the street

eatin’ chicken and meat. Das Racist=the new MIA. Period. SO good, and sad i mised him when he came to sd!